QR Bliss

See a QR Bliss decal on a store window?
Follow your QR Bliss:
scan the QR code and get deals!

When you scan the code, your smartphone will display a special offer or a coupon that can be redeemed in the store right away. Click the decal image above to see an example.

Check the code often as offers may (and often do) change.
Share the offer URL with friends.
Ask the merchant if they participate in monthly draw.

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Did you know that QR Bliss merchants may opt to list their ad URLs online?
Check the Participating Merchants menu above for available specials!

If you need QR scanner software, you can download these free programs:
QR Pal for Android, i-nigma for BlackBerry, Scan for iPhone and iPad
or find more QR code scanners for other phones on QR Code Scanners page.

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